Air import & export

Daseair Logistics brings the sense of urgency in dealing with airfreight shipments that our customers demand. Be it import or export, Daseair has the hard won reputation as being able to handle any shipment no matter how simple or complex in the same professional manner.Together with our worldwide network, we are able to provide a truly global airfreight service.

We provide a same day import airfreight customs clearance service to all customers. Highly experienced and expert staff are on hand to provide expertise in all areas of documentation and handling procedures.We have regional specialists available to provide support to exporters or importers dealing with the major global trade regions.

A full range of import and export airfreight support services are available, including:
Air freight imports:

    • Consolidated airfreight imports from most majors overseas airports to PVG
    • Transport insurance
    • Import customs clearance
    • Transit customs clearance
    • Night and weekend services are available
    • Airport and off-airport storage facilities are available
    • Deliveries to door nationalwidely

Import Operations:
    • Professional suggestions regard different cargos.
    • Scheduled report to the clients under a close coordination with overseas party.
    • Shipment tracking and status report
    • Local delivery service

Air Freight Exports:
    • Inland transportation to all airports in China
    • Export customs clearance
    • Transit customs clearance
    • Transport Insurance
    • Airfreight worldwide
    • Consolidated airfreight to most airports worldwide
    • Hand couriers worldwide

Export Operations:
    • Space booking
    • Local pick-up
    • Airport handling
    • Shipment's tracking and status report